Yous Casino Popular in Japanese Video Poker

One of the most popular and the more exciting online live dealer casinos in Japan is Yous Casino. They are located in Kitakyushu, a town in the suburbs of Tokyo. The original Yous Casino was opened in 1998, and is a highly regarded online casino that offers high quality service to its players. In this article I will take a look at one of their special promotions that is running now, and also take a sneak peak of what they have to offer in terms of bonuses for signing up.

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First of all, lets talk about the special promotions that are running right now. For anyone that has been playing an online casino in Japan before, you know just how important it can be to be able to cash in on bonus points when you play. These bonuses are a vital part of the whole game, because they increase your chances of winning big when you do play. In order to make sure that the players that they have recruited have a good chance of winning big when they play, they usually do not let anybody join up until they have a sizeable deposit into their account.

Yous Casino is one of the many online casino companies in Japan that have such a promotion running right now. It allows new players that have not yet made a deposit into their account a special bonus for signing up with them. The bonus amounts vary but normally involve some form of discount when you make your deposit. In this case, the discount is on net trade. Any transaction you make when playing at the Yous Casino will be free from any fees.

This is a great promotion to encourage new players to make a deposit into their Yous Casino account. This way, they will be getting a good deal when they eventually make a deposit. Remember, as a new player you are going to have to learn how to gamble on the live dealer tables. Once you have learned how to do that, you can transfer your money over to your live account and use the bonus that they give you to get even bigger profits.

If you are interested in playing for real money, you can visit the Yous Casino in Japans and try out their real money slots. You will be able to play in the virtual casino for free while you learn how to play the slots by playing on the live casino. Make sure to check this out if you are in Japan and want to play some blackjack on the internet. This is an awesome promotion that allows you to do just that!

The Yous Casino in Japans is a very popular online casino. It has a high quality of games including video poker, roulette, baccarat, and more. Even though the bonus is only a few dollars, it can get you into the right mood to play while you are in Japan. Make sure that you get a chance to take advantage of this offer before someone else does and makes the same mistake that they did. This promotion is only available in the Japanese version of the Yous Casino, but the live dealer tables can be played in any of the other Japans live casinos.

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